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June 29, 2013

Examples of Web based Application

Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo Mail

-To read, compose, delete, forward and manage emails.


– Sending reminders and alerts, with your own voice

Windows Live OneCare safety scanner

– to help ensure the health of your PC.

Sprout Builder

– to build, publish, and manage widgets, mini-sites, mashups, banners and more.


– encrypt your message using strong encryption algorithm, and it will be secure for sending. Anyone who intercepts the encrypted message without password will not be able to read original message.

Primo Online

– to create PDF files online, without the need to install any PDF software


– create sticky notes, attach a file, and share them with friends


– to share music links with friends

Adobe Buzzword

– online word processor, perfect for writing reports and proposals


– to compress your text documents, images, PDF files and other data online

CreativePro Office

– Manage team, clients, projects, invoices and events


– a photo editing tools


– to create tests/exams/assignments (consisting of single-choice, multiple-choices or keywords-based questions) and assign them to students to conduct online tests.

Advanced Stock Tracking System

– for keeping track of stocks and a search engine for the stock market


– for viewing, rating, and billing Asterisk VoIP calls


– to simulate an election.


– to manage one or more personal banking accounts.

Agenda Displayer

–  to manage your appointments

epesi BIM .ORC

– to store, organize and share information related to any business

PHP Call Center

– to keep track of a company’s incoming phone calls.

Webuzo for PHPfileNavigator

–  to manage your files and folders. to complete manage your files and folders.

The Contact Book

– manages an address (or contact) book with basic functionalities

CyberMatrix Pro Sched Web

– for scheduling appointments

MindSalt Time and Expense

– allows you and your employees to access your timesheets and expenses from anywhere in the world.

WebAsyst Suite

– for contact management, project planning and issue tracking, to store and share documents and notes, to deliver content to your customers etc.

Support Incident Tracker

– for tracking technical support calls or emails.

Google Docs

– it lets you create your documents (like Word), spreadsheets, presentations and more.  It also allows you to collaborate and share documents.


– a web platform for your mostly chat applications. You can login your IM accounts at the same time or individual accounts.

Slide Rocket

– a web presentation tool that allows you to create your own presentation. It presents some of the features in PowerPoint.


– a powerful web creation tools for photo editing, logos, web templates, color palettes , audio editing and more.


– a web tool to access to your free personal financial and online management tool.  It will help you to organize your financial accounts, set your budgets needs, and put up your savings.


– a web video editing software. With a user-friendly environment, it will let you create your videos, add and edit clips, transitions, effects, audio, download, export in Youtube and more.


– an online tool that makes you uncompressed your files on the fly. It supports different compression format such as ZIP, RAR, and more zip formats. It has also an active scanner that scan your compressed files before unzipping it.


-a powerful online file conversion tool. It converts various formats for documents, image, music, video, e-book, compressed files, cad formats. Just follow 4 easy steps to convert your files instantly.


– a video/TV streaming website that lets you watch your favorite tv shows right at your computer. If you missed some of your favorites episode you can just tune in here and enjoy watching.  Hulu is a US exclusive website.


– a great online video chatting applications. For free users, you can chat up to 20 people. Just simply sign up,invite your friends and start video chatting.


– an online web streaming music online for your favorite music. It is like bringing your all favorite music rolled into one place. One of the great feature is you can export your iTunes library and put it into web so you will never missed out your favorite tune.

ESET Online Virus Scanner

– deep scan your PC using your web browser. The good thing is that you don’t need to install the software and it is always up to date.


– a web application that lets you download your torrents. Just upload .torrent file on your computer or direct Bitlet to torrent and Bitlet will do it for you — in case you do not know — A Bit torrent is a protocol for large files over the Internet.


– web operating system over the web. It is like bringing your own desktop and files running in your web browser that includes an office suite, media player, chat client, games, productivity tool, utility applications and more. Now you won’t worry that you are working in a different PC.


– a powerful editing tool and photo manager. It will let you manage your images and save it in different format. Various features that are likely with Photoshop.


– a great building tool for your forms, invitations and survey applications. It makes your collecting of data much easier and in customize way.

Google Voice

– makes a huge deal in international calling communication. It delivers various features such as voicemail transcription, one number calling, sms to email, block callers, screen callers, conference call and more. Bringing your all phone into your gmail account given that you are in US and Canada.


– an online video files converter. It supports multiple formats that you need for your videos. In just 3 simple step, you will get your converted video file and watch.


– a web apps for your social networking experience. Updating and monitoring your social activities such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and will be easy.It is also good for businesses that tracks statistics of their business over the web.


– a web wireframing tool that is great for web designer and developers. It will make your drawing more in detailed and rearrange it easily. It is a great tool to collaborate your team work.


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