The Latest Programming Languages

To find the latest programming languages, students can find for the programming languages that developed in the current year and the year before. It’s acceptable if the programming languages have new version in current year or the year before. Below are an example the report form.

Name of Latest Programming Language

1.   Boo

2.    D

Developer Rodrigo B. De Oliveira Digital Mars, Andrei Alexandrescu
Year Developed 2011 2012
Purpose general-purpose programming language that seeks to make use of the Common Language Infrastructure’s support for Unicode, internationalization, and web applications a general purpose systems and applications programming language
Platform(OS) Microsoft’s .NET Unix-like, Windows, Mac OS X/Cross platform
Approach object-oriented object-oriented
Translator used compiler compiler
Special features (optional)

Source of Reference 1.

6 Comments to “The Latest Programming Languages”

  1. need your help…where can find the exercise based on learning area using dual language

    here attach some example…only for LA 1, 2….very sorry i forgot where to take it!!!!!

  2. Need a help please . ABOUT VERSI Of programing
    language please ?

  3. can u help me to give more example ??? because i need to settle my assignment for this holiday

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