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October 28, 2016

Analysis SPM of year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 (Section B & C)

Analysis SPM of year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 (Section B)

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
26.  ICT & Society

Reason choose email

3 reasons why email better than sms

26. Multimedia

Medium of delivery used & give 2 advantages of it

26.  Information Systems

State type of key and justify the answer.

State the type of relationship and justify the answer.

26.   Programming

Convert flow chart given to pseudocode

26.   Computer Systems

Explain how the computer system works.

26.   Computer Systems

State two impacts of the technology in automotive industry from the aspects management and workers.

27. Programming

State the data type used.

Identify the control structure & justify the answer.


27.  Network

Explain the structure of the network in figure shown

27. Computer Systems

State the coding scheme used.

List three functions of coding scheme used.

27.   Network

Identify types of network and explain 2 differences between transmission media type.

27. Programming

Describe implementation phase. Calculate output from flowchart given and shows calculations.

27. Programming

State the name of the coding scheme and  List three function of the scheme

28.  Network

Explain the type of network. Suggest the type of network communication technology & justify the answer

28.  ICT & Society

State 2 ways that causes pop-up messages appear on the computer screen. State 2 kinds of serious damages if user ignore the message

28. Multimedia

Explain the web editor used. Give 2 disadvantages of using the web editor.

28. Multimedia

Identify the medium of delivery used and give 3 disadvantages of the answer chosen.

28.  Network

PCs IP configuration given, identify communication between PC with justifications.

28.  Network

Identify the type of network in and  What can you do with network Q.

29. Multimedia

2 advantages using the type of web editor shown in figure. User interface principle – suggest 2 ways to improve the design in the figure shown

29.  Computer Systems

Suggest a type of software to be used & give a reason why choose it.

29. Programming

State the statement use to declare “Name” and justify the answer.

State the statement use to declare “Interest Rate” and justify the answer.

29.  ICT & Society

Explain the statement given, list the precautious should be taken and justify the answer

29.   ICT & Society

State the steps to scan virus. State two actions to remove untreated threats.

29.   ICT & Society

Explain the testing result.

30. Information Systems

Example of components in IS. Describe the interrelation between the components

30. Information Systems

Identify attributes of the table given

30.  ICT & Society

Propose the most suitable floor to place the computer and justify the answer. Explain why did not choose other floors.

30.   Information Systems

Identify the fields to be placed in the table mentioned and explains 2 reasons why chosen it.

30. Multimedia

Identify multimedia elements and justify the answer. Explain one characteristic in application which makes learning more effective.

30. Multimedia

Identify two fields for the table given and identify the primary key and one foreign key.

 Analysis SPM of year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 (Section C)

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
31. Programming

Draw a flow chart based on the user interface given.

31. Programming

Identify the input & output

Write the formula used

Sketch a design of input interface

31.  Network

Propose the network topology to be used and justify the answer.

Draw the design for the network.

31.  Information Systems

Complete the criteria with the query design shown and show the result of the query in table form

31.  Programming

State data type for items. State difference between data types. Write pseudo code for program from a input interface given.

31.  Programming

The specification of a computer system with the price of RM 2000.00 and the specification to upgrade a computer are given. As a multimedia developer, choose three components to be upgraded with a budget of RM3300.00 and give justification.

32. ICT & Society

Identify the type of computer threats

Give 2 examples of computer threats

Give 2 reasons why computer affected by computer threat & suggest 2 ways to prevent it

32. Computer Systems

Type of utility program used & give 2 advantages of it

Explain how student transfer that file using the same storage medium to another computer and open the file for editing

32. Programming

Draw a flow chart of a computer program that reads API of an area based on the table shown.

32. Multimedia

Write a proposal for a multimedia production that include project title, problem statement, 2 objectives, target audience, medium of delivery and software to be used.

32.  Network

Draw a diagram to show network layout, label the devices and cable used in the network based on devices given.

32.  Network

You are required by your physical and health education teacher to develop a multimedia product to be represented during the school assembly. Write a proposal includes title, objective, target audience, interactivity and delivery medium.

33. Programming

State 4 activities in phase program analysis

Identify the type of error & justify the answer.

33. Multimedia

Sketch the screen design for main menu page

Explain 2 user interface used in the design of the page.

33. Multimedia

Based on the statement given design a storyboard for the main page which should include all the five elements of multimedia.

33. Programming

Based on the table and figure given, complete the flow chart of the program.

33.  Information Systems

Design two tables with attributes. State primary keys for both tables. Draw a line to show relationship between two tables.

33.  Information Systems

Part of a program code and the sample data used to test the program logic are shown. Explain two differences between identifiers and give justification for interactivity and delivery medium.