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36 Comments to “Home”

  1. Just a minute…. SMK SG RUAN?? Isn’t it from Raub?

  2. teacher ,i am Ei Lie,i needs to buy a Laptop Computers,can you give me some suggestions

  3. thank you for you suggestion,see you when re-opening school

  4. Teacher, my name is yee mei, i need some advise from teacher where can i get free antivirus for my PC, i use win xp, some of the software can not install or not support xp, please help.thank you .

  5. xp not support 😦 cham lah

    • You mean both are not supported? My computer is using Windows XP, but it have no problem with the software. Did you install other antivirus in your PC?

  6. yes, my brother install Panda Antivirus.

  7. Teacher, do you have other blog like facebook or wechat group to give us support? here hard to leave message. and we need tips for exam oso

  8. panda antivirus need pay money for 1year

  9. Ok Thank.
    do you have other blog like facebook or wechat group to give us support?

  10. can not find your ID.. that is good if teacher still here, no more fun now. we all miss you

  11. Give me your ID, by the way, who are you? Do I know you?

  12. u have facebook? can i add u. we need tips from u oso. .

  13. I realy miss you Cikgu Chin.

  14. Teacher , you no more teach here,but why you still login our school web? u still miss SMK Sungai Ruan?kekekekek..just joking ok. just hope teacher can have tea with us.

  15. then u must have facebook.

  16. TQ Teacher, after uninstall i can install new anti virus.

  17. Teacher can you give us some tips for spm ict
    this year?

  18. Teacher, do u have the ICT spm 2014 past year skema jawapan? and any tips for SPM 2015

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